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From unexplained rashes to warts, children sometimes need to see a skin care specialist to treat their skin condition. The board-certified dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches, with locations in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Atlantis, Wellington, Delray Beach, and Trinity, Florida, specialize in pediatric dermatology. They diagnose and treat your child’s skin condition to ease discomfort and improve appearance. Call the office nearest you or use the online tool to book an appointment today.

Pediatric Dermatology Q & A

What is pediatric dermatology?

Pediatric dermatology is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions that affect children. Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches is a full-service dermatology practice that provides care for all ages, including infants, children, and adolescents. 

What conditions benefit from pediatric dermatology?

Though you may start out asking questions at your pediatrician’s office, most skin conditions that affect children benefit from a consultation with a pediatric dermatologist. 

Some of the most common pediatric skin conditions treated at Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches include:


Due to hormonal changes, many teens suffer from acne. Though there are effective over-the-counter treatments for acne, the pediatric dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches recommend a professional evaluation, so your teen gets the right treatment. At-home care may lead to acne scars.  


Warts, which the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes, are common in children. There are many treatment options available to remove your child’s warts to prevent scarring and spreading of the skin growths. 


Eczema is a skin condition that causes red, inflamed, itchy skin. There are many types of eczema. Your provider at Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches diagnoses your child’s eczema to improve the skin condition and minimize symptoms. 


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that tends to run in families and causes thick patches of scaly skin. Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches offers innovative treatments to help your child gain control over their psoriasis.

Skin allergy testing

Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches offers skin allergy testing to identify the various allergens that may cause allergic skin reactions. 

Other common skin conditions the pediatric dermatologists treat include molluscum, fungal infections (athlete’s foot), and rosacea. 

What can I expect during a pediatric dermatology consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive and compassionate exam when you bring your child in to see a pediatric dermatology specialist at Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches. 

They understand the impact a skin condition may have on your child, whether it’s the embarrassment of severe acne or the itchiness of their eczema. Your dermatologist works one-on-one with you and your child to develop a treatment plan to ease symptoms and improve your child’s skin.

To schedule a pediatric dermatology evaluation, call Dermatology Associates of the Palm Beaches or use the online scheduling tool.